He’s Back!!!

..and with so much exiting new on its way, its safe to say, ‘bigger than ever’!!

As some of you know, i’ve been in the studio with the incredible Ed Solo working on the final release of ‘Ruffneck’ can’t say much right now but…. hold tight!

2013 was an incredible year for me. Spent all year in the studio learning digital music production to help develop myself. Let just say things have got rather tasty. Loads of new sounds and things coming your way this year!

i also have a new side project http://www.dreadsuk.com a social networking forum to buy, sell, advertise and get anything to do with dreadlock culture. Its heaps of fun and you are all welcome!

Got a bunch of festivals lined up for this year so keep your ears to the ground… BOOM!

Elijah x

update 18th sept…

Massive thanks to everyone who came to share some time at any of the gigs over this years festival season. We had some absolute crackers!

Thanks to
Wille and the bandits for putting together the ‘Surf and Roots Festival’. Also to the whole crew that made it happen. One of my favorite shows of the season for sure. cant wait for next year!

Over the Moon festival and Small world Festival we’re both incredible. the vibes we’re fully immense. Big love to the crews and food stalls for feeding me. Wicked crowds too. big love!

Zu Studios was a new one for me this year and it was certainly one to remember. If anyone hasn’t been there yet. Its in Lewes, Check it out!!!!

Most of all thanks to everyone that came to support me, for singin along and getting your groove on to the beats. For all the overwhelming positivity and amazing comments you’ve all given. Its what its all about for me. If you wanted to get in touch and leave comments. They are ALL very welcome! you can do so by logging onto facebook and dropping a little wall post on www.facebook.com/elijahmc

If anyone took any photos or videos. Please link em to that facebook page and get your faces tagged in it so i know who your are.

I’ll spending the winter season hibernating in the studio to put together this long awaited album. But i will be doing a few shows here and there.

One more time. Big Love and see you all again soon!

Living in a van in brighton

Anyone know of any good park up spots in and around brighton?

i used to live in my van a few years ago in brighton. When i first moved here, it was free parking around the level, it was awesome. There were 8 – 12 other vans/busses parked up. it was our own little community. Lunchtime we’d knock on each others door with food items and all cook together. Night time brought with it drum circles, small controlled fires on the level for warmth and light. fire spinning. it was magical. Sadly the local council (the alleged green party) made it all pay parking and upped the cost of parking in brighton so everyone has scattered.

If anyone out there was there. get in touch. would be great to reconnect with you all.

MTV Brand New UK BUZZ PARTY!!!!!

http://www.facebook.com/events/150149528423059/ – 6th January 2012

Here is whats been said

“Everyone at MTV UK have got a lot of respect for Elijah MC for putting this on. If you’re in Brighton tomorrow night get yourself down to this it’s going to be MASSIVE!” – MTV UK

Dont Miss!

Dumpert – Netherlands People – 100’000 views in 1 day

MASSIVE boom of peoples interes flowing in from the netherlands. Big should out to all you guys and thanks for looking me up. its a huge encouragement knowing you guys love it so much.

the top places in the netherlands who keep coming back to see more are


thankyou to everyone for all your support, emails, facebook message and youtube hits. but also for the 100’000 hits and insane amount of kudos from the dumpert link

i never did find out who posted it on there so HUGE thankyou whoever you are!
Also thankyou dumpert for such and awesome site

Elijah MC x

Elijah MC on MTV

BIG NEWS GUYS!! MTV say that if i can get at least 50 fans following me on sound cloud then i could have a chance of being one of the acts they promote in 2012 http://soundcloud.com/elijahmc go here to follow. if you dont have a soundcloud account nows your chance. you can leave comments on each track and particular markers. Bless El